A new website

April 24th, 2012

You can't really call yourself a (web) developer if you don't have a ( fancy ) personal website. I did have a website and it was not even that bad. But somehow I didn't get to actually using it ( except for the one or two blogposts, which I'm planning to preserve for the sake of the future generations ) and I always planned to build a small website from the start myself. So time to start working on a new website!

From the start my plan was to heavily depend on javascript and to work with backbone.js, a mvc library implemented in javascript. Backbone.js is pretty powerful so the basic frontend code was finished quite quickly, although there's still room for some improvements ( and bug fixes ). I didn't bother testing it on older browsers. So if you're not using a modern browser, I can't guarantee that everything will work as it should. Firefox and Chrome should do the trick though.

The backend part took some more time, not because this was the hardest part. But somehow I never got really satisfied. For now I settled with a rather peculiar content repository : git on github. That's not the most straightforward way of storing content. It's certainly not the most scalable solution, but it has some advantages. The biggest one being that it costs me absolutely nothing.