Website update

February 2nd, 2015

Updating your website or blog is a great excuse for learning a new technology. In the past I used this webpage as a pretext for getting more familiar with backbone.js & javascript in general, now I've built this (static) website using clojure. I've been looking into clojurescript & clojure for a while now, but not always very actively.

True to the spirit of clojure, I tried to keep this website as simple as possible. That means that:

  • I have just ***one page, no need to add the additional complexity of multiple pages. In the end I only have a few of them.
  • The css is built using skeleton, a very simple framework.
  • No special features, the website just present the information you would expect from a blog/personal website. No tags, comments etc.
  • Almost no custom js. The previous version of this website relied heavily on javascript, which made it more fancy, but also more complex and less robust.
  • This is a static webpage, meaning that the page is built only once and can then be hosted on every http server.

Now that I have a new website, one that should be simpler to use, the goal is to write content more often. But given my track record, I don't have high hopes in this regard. In any case, this was already a start.